Alcohol: Can young people lead the charge?

This week (11th-17th November) marks Alcohol Awareness Week, in which charities and experts are encouraging the general public to think about their drinking and the changes they could make. In September 2018, Secondary and College voters were asked about whether they thought British drinking culture was an embarrassment, while their Primary counterparts considered whether BritishContinue reading “Alcohol: Can young people lead the charge?”

Love Island: a small-screen blessing or a reality TV curse?

Last summer, social media platforms and news outlets were awash with all things Love Island as the 2018 series made cultural waves. In light of this, we decided to ask our Secondary voters “Should your parents/carers watch Love Island with you?” As news broke this week that children as young as 8 have been ‘emulatingContinue reading “Love Island: a small-screen blessing or a reality TV curse?”

Three Primary school games to get your class engaged and listening  

This week, we’ve come up with three games for the Primary school classroom that encourage listening and turn-taking. These are ideal traits for circle time, when taking part in a PSHE discussion or if pupils are debating topical issues. We all know how excited a class can get when talking about something that is reallyContinue reading “Three Primary school games to get your class engaged and listening  “

Deeds and Words?

As will hopefully have not gone unnoticed, last year marked a century since the passage of the Representation of the People Act, with which the right to vote was extended to all men and certain women – around 8.4 million of them, to be exact. To commemorate this, we asked young people to consider how farContinue reading “Deeds and Words?”

Three easy primary classroom debate ideas

Whether it’s used for a literacy-writing prompt or simply to improve pupils’ speaking and listening, debating is a valuable skill for pupils and the classroom makes for an ideal setting. Here we present three of our debate topics that have gone down really well in Primary classrooms, including with KS1 age groups. Each question addressesContinue reading “Three easy primary classroom debate ideas”

A Teacher’s tips for Sex and Relationship Lessons in Key Stage 2

Sex and relationships is one of those topics that has given teachers many a sleepless night, especially when faced with a chatty Year 6 class! Here are three things that have helped me, which I hope might make the process a little easier for others. Use social media to start a conversation With the widespreadContinue reading “A Teacher’s tips for Sex and Relationship Lessons in Key Stage 2”

Plastic: A Sea Change?

All the way back in October 2017, thousands of young voters shared their thoughts on ‘Will Blue Planet 2 convince people to use less plastic?’ The results were fairly unsurprising given David Attenborough’s sombre warnings at the end of each episode. As is often the way, primary pupils took a more optimistic view, while secondaryContinue reading “Plastic: A Sea Change?”

Will your pupils become the vegetarian generation?

In March, the VotesforSchools community voted on whether or not they would consider becoming a vegetarian in the future. Over 7,000 of our 4-19 year olds voted online and the results are worth digging into. According to Public Health England, 2% of both adults (19+) and children (1.5-18) reported they were vegetarian in a surveyContinue reading “Will your pupils become the vegetarian generation?”