Three easy primary classroom debate ideas

Whether it’s used for a literacy-writing prompt or simply to improve pupils’ speaking and listening, debating is a valuable skill for pupils and the classroom makes for an ideal setting. Here we present three of our debate topics that have gone down really well in Primary classrooms, including with KS1 age groups. Each question addressesContinue reading “Three easy primary classroom debate ideas”

A Teacher’s tips for Sex and Relationship Lessons in Key Stage 2

Sex and relationships is one of those topics that has given teachers many a sleepless night, especially when faced with a chatty Year 6 class! Here are three things that have helped me, which I hope might make the process a little easier for others. Use social media to start a conversation With the widespreadContinue reading “A Teacher’s tips for Sex and Relationship Lessons in Key Stage 2”

Dispelling your students’ and your own pre-conceived ideas

This blog is written in memory of the great Hans Rosling, who taught us to base our knowledge of the world on reliable evidence rather than our own narrow views. Ever, an optimist, he helped millions to acknowledge that the world is becoming a better place