Hulk smash Parliament?

In March this year, we asked students whether Brexit had ‘broken’ Parliament. The results, unlike those emerging from Parliament in recent weeks, were very conclusive. To quote a Secondary student: “Yes, just yes.” Since March, things have gone from bleak to bleaker for the UK political landscape. But just how much more broken is it? Continue reading “Hulk smash Parliament?”

Deeds and Words?

As will hopefully have not gone unnoticed, last year marked a century since the passage of the Representation of the People Act, with which the right to vote was extended to all men and certain women – around 8.4 million of them, to be exact. To commemorate this, we asked young people to consider how farContinue reading “Deeds and Words?”

Where’s the Party?

In May 2017, VotesforSchools asked students “Do we need a new political party?”, following a snap general election that saw voter fatigue soar. This same question could easily have been asked anytime in the last few weeks as well. It is not an overstatement to say that British politics is at its most turbulent inContinue reading “Where’s the Party?”