Plastic: A Sea Change?

All the way back in October 2017, thousands of young voters shared their thoughts on ‘Will Blue Planet 2 convince people to use less plastic?’ The results were fairly unsurprising given David Attenborough’s sombre warnings at the end of each episode. As is often the way, primary pupils took a more optimistic view, while secondaryContinue reading “Plastic: A Sea Change?”

Looking to address extremism? Let young people speak up

Extremism, radicalisation, terrorism & hate crime… Let’s talk about it, let’s open the conversation with young people across the country and let’s make them part of the solution and the change we want to see. Having spent many years as a secondary school teacher, privileged to work with young people day-in-day-out, I realised very quicklyContinue reading “Looking to address extremism? Let young people speak up”