Will your pupils become the vegetarian generation?

In March, the VotesforSchools community voted on whether or not they would consider becoming a vegetarian in the future. Over 7,000 of our 4-19 year olds voted online and the results are worth digging into. According to Public Health England, 2% of both adults (19+) and children (1.5-18) reported they were vegetarian in a surveyContinue reading “Will your pupils become the vegetarian generation?”

Looking to address extremism? Let young people speak up

Extremism, radicalisation, terrorism & hate crime… Let’s talk about it, let’s open the conversation with young people across the country and let’s make them part of the solution and the change we want to see. Having spent many years as a secondary school teacher, privileged to work with young people day-in-day-out, I realised very quicklyContinue reading “Looking to address extremism? Let young people speak up”

Balancing order and sensitivity: where to make exceptions with school uniform

Last week students debated whether they should be exempt from uniform rules if the policies conflicted with their beliefs. The debate was inspired by a recent news story about a Rastafarian boy being sent home for having dreadlocks. The issue proved to be a pertinent one, with another news story appearing in the week aboutContinue reading “Balancing order and sensitivity: where to make exceptions with school uniform”

Dispelling your students’ and your own pre-conceived ideas

This blog is written in memory of the great Hans Rosling, who taught us to base our knowledge of the world on reliable evidence rather than our own narrow views. Ever, an optimist, he helped millions to acknowledge that the world is becoming a better place